These clay pieces are all original  unique pieces, part sculpture, part drawing and are made with my favourite materials – low fired earthenware clays . These have a richness of texture that is deeply and satisfyingly tactile, and the play of light on glazed and clay surfaces brings out the warmth and richness of colour.  I am particularly interested in drawing and surface so these ceramic ‘sculptures’ or panels gradually grew as a solution to how to emphasise these aspects. Some sculptures are more 3D than others  and have strongly undulating surfaces which work particularly well with changes of natural light  during the day.

This combined with the problem of how to hang and ‘move house’ with large clay panels resulted in segmental low fired wall panels which can be be easily hung on interior walls.

[unless of course  they are marked as free standing]!

From experience they work well in both domestic and business interiors, small and large, and are good solutions in tricky areas like- conservatories- they don’t fade, hallways, and reception areas.

NB. Because the sculptures are earthenware they are not frost proof so will survive safely on interior walls only!

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